In 2013 a group of community leaders got together as the result of a conscious concern for the future of Avalon Beach and its surrounding areas. The group includes representatives from 12 community organisations including Avalon Palm Beach Chambers of Commerce, Avalon Preservation Association, Avalon Surf Life Saving, Avalon bowling club, Pittwater Natural Heritage Association, CAPRA and North Ward Councillors.

Sym Studio tailored a place making process to discover what is it that everyone loves about this place. The facilitation process translated the thoughts and ideas of the 12 community groups into an informing vision document that reflects the ‘essence’ of Avalon Beach, guiding future planning and development of the local area. The grass-roots initiative is potentially one of the first of its kind in NSW and an empowering move for the Avalon Beach Community.

Avalon Beach Placemaking PDF